🤺 Winning The War Within

Oct 28, 2023

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In this week’s dose, I share the only thing that's helped me overcome my inner critic to start winning the war within.  


🗣️ Quote of the Week:

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - James Allen



🤺 The War Within

For most of my life, I’ve been at war with my inner critic. 

Trying to beat him, prove him wrong, or simply avoid him. 

I've tried to shut him up with things like earning more, working harder, and improving my skillset. 

And they'd work for a little bit, but then he’d come roaring back.

Judging me, doubting me, and making me feel insecure.

No matter what I did, he was still there. 

No matter how far I tried to run, he found me. 

Then this one decision shifted everything for me…  

→ I FACED him. 

I stopped trying to escape, numb, or bury him. 

I listened to him.

I told him thank you. 

I told him I loved him. 

I told him I know he’s scared, but it’s gonna be OKAY.

It felt so counterintuitive at first. 

How could I love someone who always critiques me?

But the craziest part? 


I learned that the part of me that critiques me has a method to his madness. 

He’s really trying to help, but he’s coming from a place of fear. 

He’s scared, nervous, anxious, doubtful, and insecure. 

All this part of me wanted was to feel seen, safe, & appreciated. 

That’s it. 

Just like a child who is scared and needs love from a parent. 

He still shows up sometimes, but when he does, I know he’s here to show me where I’ve forgotten to show myself the love I inherently deserve. 

He acts as an alarm to grab my attention and get me to stop trying to rely on the outside world for the things only I can give to myself...

Peace, acceptance, & love. 

My invitation for you is to turn and face your inner critic with love.

Tell them hi.

Tell them you’re listening. 

Tell them you love them.  

It might feel incredibly hard at first. 

But it’s amazing what happens when love the parts of you that are just a little scared.

Tim 🖤



💥 Client Success Story

“Before working with Tim, I was struggling daily with anxiety rooted in the feeling of being stuck or not living the purpose-driven life I had always lived previously. Tim’s program challenged me to really think about what purpose meant to me, and how to live a purpose-filled life through daily actions and thoughts.

I am now working harder than ever to be the best version of myself, and prioritizing the things that allow me to be closer to that person. A lot of the feelings of anxiety that I felt daily have subsided, because of the proactive work I am putting in daily that the PER group helped me define.

Now when those feelings of anxiety do arise, I have a much better understanding of where they come from and how to work through those intrusive thoughts. Tim’s program challenged me in a lot of ways but yielded amazing results, and I have taken a lot away from it that continues to make my life better for myself and my loved ones.” - Gerry



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