The Echo Effect: Setbacks On Your Journey

Jul 08, 2023

The Echo Effect 

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In this week's dose, I talk about my recent doubts and The Echo Effect.
I'm writing this Friday at 7p...
Typically, this newsletter is done by Monday night.
But I've noticed a dip in my mental state the last week.
🤬 More doubt
🤬 More doom & gloom
🤬 More second-guessing
🤬 More feeling like I need to do MORE
And the last thing I wanted to do was spend a few hours writing a newsletter...
My inner critic has been saying my business won't work out, that I can't really help anyone, and that I'm gonna have to find a job in sales again.
Even though the evidence says otherwise:
I've just sold out 4 straight cohort programs, had one of my biggest months, and receive DMs, texts, emails, Venmos, & hand-written notes daily from guys sharing their breakthroughs.
Funny how the critic works like that...
Only paying attention to the information IT wants and ignoring any that doesn't support its POV.
But I know this happens.
I know that when you're committed to inner work, you often hear the echoes of a past version of yourself speak up.
👉 The Echo Effect
You make all this progress and are riding high for months...
And then BAM - it's like old you busts through the door and says "I'm back!"
In 2 conversations this week - one with my client and one with my coach - we talked about this exact thing.
I reminded my client and then my coach reminded me that it's totally normal.
Even though it feels like you've taken 5 steps back, it's ALL part of the process.
Then I realized that my Time-To-Quiet has significantly improved in the last 3 years.
TTQ is the time between when my inner critic gets really loud and when I'm able to quiet it back down.
When I get back to the state of being my best SELF, not driven by the incessant doubts & fears of the inner critic.
I don't want anyone I work with to think I have it figured out.
I'm a work in progress.
And I'm OKAY with that.
My inner critic was as nasty as they come.
He's just gotten more and more quiet over the years as I shower him with love (he didn't see that coming 😂).
So if you're on your own journey, crushing it and making progress...
Know that you'll hear an echo of a past version of you every once in a while.
When that happens, don't get upset or frustrated with yourself.
Just know it's ALL part of the journey.
Know that you're exactly where you need to be for this stage in your evolution.
"What happened happened, and couldn't have happened any other way because it didn't." - P. Crone
And when this echo passes - and it WILL pass - you'll be even better.
Enjoy the weekend.
Tim 🖤

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