Slippery Minds, Creating Habits: Why it's hard to create lasting habits...

Feb 18, 2023

Slippery like seaweed 🌱

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Thought of the week:

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken." - Warren Buffett

In this week's dose, I talk about why are slippery mind makes it hard to build new habits.

Our minds are slippery.

They know our hot buttons and what makes us tick.

Trying to create a new habit?
Can't stay motivated?

Ooh baby, that's where the slippery mind THRIVES.

It knows exactly what we need to hear to derail our progress or sabotage us before we start.

"You're 4 whole days in and you have ZERO results. See, told you it won't work. Knew you wouldn't do it."

Brutal and pretty dramatic isn't it?

Our mind has a tough time understanding the potential future increase in how we'll feel.

Think about this...

If you say you're going to eat healthy or get in shape

ALL your mind thinks about are all the quesadillas & beer you'll have to give up.

"Why are we going to give up what we love?? You're taking away the small amount of joy I get during my week!? This is bullshit."

And it storms away like a pissed-off teenager.

It's unable to foresee that you MIGHT just feel better (until we train it to).

And the tradeoff of giving up beer & quesadillas means...

You FEEL 30 pounds lighter.

You're way less bloated and pass gas less.

You have way more energy. You feel less inflamed.

You think clearly! You can focus again!

You gain back motivation & find meaning in your day.

Think of being that person... what would THAT feel like really?

To get to a point where it's a no-brainer for you to turn down a beer or junk food.

To look forward to an early morning because you know you'll feel amazing and not like shit.

To be able to chase your kids around with more energy.

To be able to pour your heart into a side hustle because you wake up feeling like you're shot out of a cannon.

Like a man on a mission.

What's the ROI on that?

Give up beer + quesadilla (short-term comfort) for all the stuff listed above (long-term growth)??

I'm going with a 10X ROI.

Playing it safe with that, too.

But our mind doesn't think about future benefits on its own.

We have to consciously train it to do so.

The reason that habits don't stick, is that we don't tie them to a strong enough REASON either.

Our mind's default is to focus on what we have to give up.

We don't take time to envision what we GAIN and who we BECOME with this future change.

Or what IMPACT that change will have on our life and our loved one's life.

If you really want to change, you HAVE to identify a strong, compelling reason to change.

And get crystal clear on the type of person that has the habits you want...

Then become that person.

But know that you're human.
By rule, you HAVE to make mistakes.
You were BORN to make mistakes.

So take it easy on yourself when you miss a day or have to start all over.

Failure + challenges...

It's what you were born to do.

Tim 🖤

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