Lessons from 33: A Year In Review

Feb 11, 2023

A Year In Review, 33

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Thought of the week:

"One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming." - Morgan Harper Nichols

In this week's dose, I talk about lessons learned from my 34th year on Earth.

33 was QUITE the year for me & PER.

Pivoted from apparel to men's wellness coaching.

Ran my first cohort program, then 2 more.

Finally hired a coach of my own and it changed my life.

Launched the PER online community 3 separate times before it took - now we're at 150+ members!

Went 0 for my first 18 consultations before I signed my first client (talk about feeling like a failure).

Got in a big wreck on I-70 in Colorado when my 4Runner spun out and t-boned the median.

Shortly after that, I had a feeling that I was finally ready to move back home to San Diego.

My time in Denver consisted of either working on PER or training jiu-jitsu at Logos.

It felt like a year-long meditation retreat.

LOTS of introspection + inner work.

Moved back to San Diego and started hosting IN-PERSON events.

Establishing real roots was my top priority moving back home.

The first 3 cold plunge events saw 9, 13, then 21 attendees!

This still blows my mind.

After the pivot, I decided against my plan to find a sales job to fund PER in the short term.

I told myself to double down and take the coaching biz as seriously as anything I'd ever done.

I knew I HAD to, otherwise it wouldn't work.

So many times last year, I had to force myself to keep working.

I hadn't seen growth, found confidence in what I was doing, or even really made money.

I constantly had doubts if this would ever get to where it needed to be to work out.

But also had a deep feeling that I COULD do it.

I just needed to simply focus on getting better.

6-7 days a week working, testing as many things as I could manage.

Then things took OFF in December (~28 months after I first started).

Call requests, inbound leads, more clients, community sign-ups, calls with established founders...

Part of me wanted to dismiss the wins since I wasn't where I wanted to be yet.

And after 2 years of building & learning, I didn't believe it was actually happening.

But I've come too far with inner work to not celebrate milestones.

I had a shit ton to celebrate and be proud of.

I've become obsessed with the idea of Chinese bamboo.

Bamboo can take 4-5 years of growing its root system before it ever sprouts up from the ground.

Then, it can grow up to 40 INCHES in a 24-hour period!

That's UNREAL.

33 has taught me we don't always feel the results of our consistency, discipline, and effort.

The progress isn't always visible.

And this is when we want to give up (and when most do).

Then all of a sudden, it shows itself at once and becomes so obvious to us...

OF COURSE it worked, the foundation was being built this whole time. How could it not?

This happens a lot in jiu-jitsu, too.

We hit "plateaus" in our progress. But they only feel like plateaus because it's what we're able to be aware of.

We don't fully understand what's happening behind the scenes.

Then one random day, things will CLICK and you'll feel like you've fully leveled up your game.

This goes for any pursuit of mastery.

Whether you're getting in shape, losing weight, improving your mental health, learning a new skill, grinding through onboarding at work...

Keep going + keep putting in the work.

IT'S WORKING even if you can't see it.

Most importantly from 33, I've felt deeply in my heart that this community is growing and it's strong as hell.

There's a huge want for a place men can connect about becoming better human beings.

What keeps me up at night is worrying that I'm not doing the right things to keep this momentum rolling.

So 34 is focused on showing up, listening, and continuing to give more than I'll ever receive.

I'm so grateful for everyone who's supported me the last 2.5 years.

Those of you who bought hats, bought shorts, read my newsletters, sent encouraging notes, told your friends about PER, attended a cold plunge, and just telling me to keep going.

It has meant more than you'll ever know and 100% is what keeps me showing up each day.

Thank YOU!

A few of my goals for 34:

  • 100+ attendees at a cold plunge event
  • 1,000+ members in the PER online community
  • Host a 6-day, small & intimate wellness retreat in a tropical destination (anyone interested??)
  • Step into leadership & being a role model for men in my local community
  • Earn my purple belt in BJJ
  • Continue to show up with a serve-first mentality
  • And kick down the fucking stigma of men's mental health

Tim 🖤

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