5 Rules To Live A Life Filled With Meaning, Purpose, & Motivation

Jun 03, 2023

Thought of the day:

 “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” – Les Brown


In this week's Dose, I share my 5 new rules for a life filled with meaning, purpose, & motivation.

Over the past 3 years, I have:
  • Been fired from tech sales, failed to build a clothing company, and took one year to make my first $1 coaching
  • Overcome depression, imposter syndrome, and tons of self-doubt
  • Surpassed 30+ paid clients, learned to believe in myself, and appeared on 20+ podcasts
And all of these things have taught me a tremendous amount about what matters in life, and what doesn’t.
(Plot twist: a lot of the things I used to care about, I don’t anymore. And things I used to not care very much about are now my top priorities.)
These are my new 5 rules for life:
  1. Commit to my higher self
This means listen to my gut, trust my instinct, and follow the voice inside of me that says GO more than the one that says NO.
My higher self is who I KNOW I'm capable of being when I shut my inner critic up.
The part of me who lives with clarity and makes decisions easily.
The me who treats others with kindness because he developed a deep sense of self-love by dealing with his own demons.
The guy who has BIG dreams, aspirations, and goals.
The one who says "I signing up for that jiu-jitsu tournament!" or "Screw it, I'm starting that company!"
NOT the voice that tries to talk me out of it the next morning - that's my lower self.
The craziest part about my higher self? He's NEVER wrong.
Sure the choices may not work out perfectly, but I never ever regret following his lead.
To have THAT source inside of me is incredible.
(spoiler: you have that too)
  1. Health comes first
It's impossible to create my best life and be my best self without putting health first. This is table stakes.
It can no longer be an afterthought and play a backup role to seeking pleasure.
Not if I'm committed to living my best life.
Junk food, alcohol, late nights, Netflix, skipping the gym, gambling, porn, complaining, gossip...
No mas - Those things belong to my lower self (see Rule 1).
Working with a purpose, helping others, and creating a life I love are FAR more rewarding than alcohol and junk food ever were anyway.
I don't succumb to peer pressure because I'm driven by something much bigger than momentary pleasure.
I don't treat my body like a trash can because I need it to FEEL my best and FUEL my pursuit of my mission.
I don't worry what others are doing, I KNOW what works best for me (and I'm willing to adjust as I learn more).
Until you put your health first, you're not serious about becoming your best self.
  1. Invest in myself
I was caught playing the game. Annual raises, 401k, S&P500, buy my first house...
But it always felt like I'd never be able to keep up or create the life I wanted. The ultimate hamster wheel.
Then I started to lean more into the idea of increasing my earning potential.
And doing so by stacking & learning new skills to differentiate myself by exponentially increasing the value I bring. I'm on a mission to be in a category of ONE.
To be the only guy in the world doing what I'm doing.
That's only possible with relentless investment in myself.
Coaches, courses, books, etc. (And I know it all means nothing if I don't APPLY it.)
I was terrified the first time I invested a significant amount of money ($2k) in a coach. I had soo much doubt and negative self-talk.
Within 3 weeks, I made $13k and never looked back.
And it's not just about earning money, I do the same for my mental health, fitness, and hobbies (jiu-jitsu).
Because what else is life really for? To save up and buy shit you don't even want to impress people you don't even like?
Or to learn, grow, and CREATE a life you love?
I'm taking the latter.
  1. Ask for help
Biggy-packing off rule 3. Especially as men, it's HARD for us to swallow our pride, take a hit to the ego, and ask for help.
But whenever my inner critic whines when I think about getting help, I remind myself of one simple tenet:
I'd rather get results than protect my ego.
100% of the time, always.
I'd rather ask for help and expedite where I want to get to than to puff my chest, protect my pride, and do it on my own.
Now, I view thinking I NEED to do it on my own as silly & immature.
  1. Lead by example
I can't change anyone. People change when they're ready.
I have loved ones in my life who I'd LOVE to help.
But that's not my place. All I can do is be a product of my product and lead by example.
Do the hard work of walking the path first so others can join when/if they're ready.
People will always listen to what you DO more than what you SAY.
To summarize my 5 rules:
  1. Commit to my higher self
  2. Health comes first
  3. Invest in myself
  4. Ask for help
  5. Lead by example
What's in your TOP 5?
Tim 🖤
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